Friday, October 31, 2008

Favorite Holiday

Do you know what I get to do tonight?

What was that? Go to my friends' Halloween party, you said? Dote on their adorable kids and dress my dog up like a chicken? Sadly, no. I have to work. (Shocker!)

BUT! In two hours, I get to shoot tomorrow's A1 centerpiece story about a couple's Halloween wedding. Everyone will be in costume, including the bride and groom. I. Am. Pysched.

Confession: In the beginning, I really kind of wanted us to get married in October instead of August. Teachers just don't get married in the fall. It's too chaotic. But I love the idea of a Halloween wedding. Andrea suggested that the bridesmaids carry jack-o-lanterns, and I was all, "Oooh, that would rock!" Then I had a reality check and went back to planning our August wedding, but not before she quipped, "Quoth the raven, you are married forevermore!" Love her. Anyway, I'm just excited to shoot a Halloween wedding.

Last night, Joel and I carved our pumpkin.

I was trying to mimic a design I saw on a pumpkin carving website, seen here (the one on the right.)

It's a moon, with vines and bats, I think? I stuck the bat to the outside of the pumpkin with pins.

Ollie liked it.

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