Friday, March 28, 2008

Time Crunch

Hey everyone. Try not to worry if posting here is a little sporadic, at least in the month of April. This next month is going to be so busy, it's more than a little crazy. I've started listing everything out so I can cross things off one at a time:

April 1- Traffic court date for the mean cop (see #6) who gave me a parking ticket while I was covering an accident

April 5th- Headshot session, Alissa arrives for marathon invitation printing session and sleepover (Thai food, yum!)

April 6th- Help Alissa finish assembling her invites (so pretty! pocketfolds with 3-D details)

April 7th- Incredibly unpleasant but necessary doctor's appointment
April 11th- Help friend having surgery, drive to DC
April 12th- Photo scouting, rehearsal dinner for wedding clients

April 13th- Client Wedding (so excited, I love this couple, a handful of my favorite people will be there, and it's a garden tent wedding, similiar to what Joel and I are planning, looking forward to preview.)

April 14th-Drive back to New York
April 17th- Jo arrives from London for big NYC "find an agent" showcase.
April 18th- Day off from work to hang out with Jo
Aptil 19th- Client Newborn portraits in Queens

April 20th- Pope Benedict is coming to New York, got approved by Vatican to shoot big mass in Yankee Stadium.

April 25th- Jo leaves, drive her to airport
April 26th- Trip to Lancaster to drop off tons of accumulated wedding crap
April 27th- Meeting with florist in PA, drive back to New York
May 3rd- My birthday, suit measurement appointments for Dad and Joel
May 4th- Parents in town
May 5th- Sleep like it's my JOB

I figure I'll rest when I die. Bring it on, April! Oof, gently. :)


shannon said...

one foot in front of the other, lady.

Kelly said...

I won't be sleeping until I die either so hang in there! Here's to carrying on smartly!

Jillian said...

Your April sounds like my March! But it sounds like you have much fun planned, along with lots to get done. Give Jo a big hug for me when you see her!