Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm totally stealing this idea from Gwen, who adapted it from Maggie, who wrote a book about things you should write about on your blog.

So here are just a handful of scenes- more or less in chronological order- that I hope flash before my eyes when I die, now with more fun childhood photos, courtesy of the scanner (Let me know once you get tired of seeing these.)

Being cuddled by Nanny, seeing diamond necklace around her neck that will become my wedding band

Getting tossed in the air by my father playing "Fire in the Hole'

Watching the sun rise over the ocean with my mom

Watching my dad and mom dance to the "Pennsylvania Polka" to humor a bandleader on a paddleboat ride down the Mississippi River during a terrific electrical storm

Parasailing with Brad

Drifting in and out of sleep on a bus trip through Spain

Getting caught in the rain at the Ren Faire in 1997 and full-on stripping off our soaked, heavy costumes in the parking lot

Delicious, inappropriate fit of laughter at yoga with Kelly during which I wet my pants in front of the superintendent's wife

Full-on gut-busting laugh about "Muffy the Marionette Mouse" with the cymbal line, realizing I could be completely myself with new college friends.

Writing every detail of the day Amanda and I met our cousins in Italy into my travel journal while she slept on the train back to Rome.

Finally, finally seeing the Indigo Girls in concert with Jo

Buying my first real camera and going to Doug's Fish Fry to celebrate.

Riding the ATV around the hills of Crowdieknowe in Scotland

Holding Bella in my arms for the first time after she ran out of the rose garden, into the street, then into the backyard at 721 Ostrom.

Watching Andrew watching snow fall on Christmas morning

Driving to N&J's wedding in Cape Cod with Luke and laughing so hard while listening to David Cross standup that I feared for our safety.

Napping with all three pets warm, cuddly, content

Amanda jumping on the bed the day after her wedding, cuddling the gown "she married [her] Tommy in"

Realizing there was an engagement ring in my Cracker Jacks


Luke said...

Doug's Fish Fry, hell yeah!!!

Michelle said...

I tried viewing your blog on firefox and then on internet explorer and both times i could only see 4 of the photos - the same 4 came up on both sites but i couldn't see the other photos at all....weird, right?

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

There are only four photos to see. You're fine. :)

michelle said...

oh wow - i get it! i'm stupid and didn't have enough coffee today, obviously ;)