Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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So I am hopelessly boring, no? It's because I'm working a lot. I know. I told you that. I really don't want to rename this this blog "workaholic life."

This is the sad story I was telling you about before. The family has gotten a lot of support as a result of the article and in the end, after telling us their story, the soldier's mother told us she considered us part of the family. They allowed me to accompany them to their son's place in the cemetery the next day, which is where the non-interview footage comes from. I got to pay my respects to Sgt. Vickerman without the camera as well. It felt important.

This is the video I shot for work:

I'm also trying to wrap up my Phantom of the Opera project. It's supposed to be this five-part series, but we've had some trouble getting it launched every day. Opening Night is Friday, and... you know, I'm just about ready to dot my i's and cross my t's on this one. It's been months with this picture story.

The mundane things going on around here? Let's see. The state of the apartment and its overall cleanliness began to resemble that of medieval squalor. We conquered Mt. Laundry on Sunday. My plan was just to vacuum and dust today, but last night Bella peed in the middle of our bed. Yeah. That's a new one. She's 8. She had just been outside and did her business. This is not a housebreaking issue. I think that Joel is maybe not the only one in the household to feel displeasure at my long work hours. Message received. She got a lot of attention today, and I did more laundry. I made King Crab Legs for dinner.

See? Boring.

In other news, happy birthday to my sister! :) "You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older! And now you're even older! And now you're even older! You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older! And now you're older still!" I think she's sorry she taught me that.

Joel and I made a few more honeymoon plans. We're going to Australia, by the way. We're flying into Sydney and spending a few nights there. One of my client brides' has a brother living in Sydney, and he's already generously offered to show us around a bit when we're there.

Then we're flying to Ayers Rock, the giant monolith in the middle of the desert. We're camping in the National Park there, then driving to Coober Pedy, an opal mining town in the middle of nowhere, pop. 3,000. It's so hot there that people live underground. Joel got my engagement ring from a miner there, and his wife invited us to dinner. We're staying in a B&B that used to be an underground mine shaft. After that, we're driving back to Ayers Rock through some of the best possible nature photography landscapes in the Outback.

Then we fly to Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef. We're staying at the Mango Lagoon Resort for a few days of more typical honeymoon-type accommodations, as opposed to the backpacker/road trip plan we'll be on the rest of the time. We'll be there in the off-season, so we got a great deal.

So let's recap: Sad story. Boring work update. Dog pee. Happy Birthday, Manda! Mango Lagoon Resort! Mango, mango, mango-mango-mango! Yup. Still funny a year later.

I can't wait to see the comments on this one...


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Julia said...

If you need any trips on Austrlia just let me know. I hit Sydney and Cairns (plus Townsville/Magentic Island, Melbourne, and every town on the scenic drive from there back to Sydney!) this past August for 3 weeks. Didn't make it to Ayers but can't wait to see your inevidably FABULOUS photos!

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

I went to Townsville and Magnetic Island on my trip there in 1994. If there's anything that stood out for you as particularly fun or exciting in Cairns, let me know.

We were emailing Stewart to remind him that we're planning to come, and he invited Joel to go with him into the opal mines. There is a distinct possibility that Joel's head might explode from all the geological geekery. :)

karla said...

Australia. Wow.
Dog pee. Eww. Samson has not yet peed in our bed, but he farts alot.