Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh. Uh... what? Hi!

Mmm... Christmas hangover. Excuse me while I unearth myself from this pile of greeting cards and mistletoe and shake off the eggnog haze.

Er. Blah. hi!

How was your holiday? Was it good? That's good. Ours was good, too. Busy. Lots of eating and driving and running up and down the stairs at my parents' house with giant bowls of pasta like the dutiful employee- Oops! I mean, daughter- that I am. Or try to be. Whatever.

Joel and I drove three and a half hours in a Suzuki stuffed with presents, cookies, pets (yup, all three) and camera gear. Ollie tried to climb my parents' Christmas tree and had to be held for the entire car ride (both ways) to prevent projectile feline vomiting. Bella wasn't thrilled about being relegated to the backseat, so she spent most of the trip pawing at the window controls and finding a way to release the safety lock on said controls, alternating getting her head stuck or rolling the window in the back all the down as we flew down the New Jersey Turnpike at 65 pmh. Fred was stuck in the Locked Box for Sad Cats the whole ride and performed his annual aria of suffering and woe.

We drove back on Christmas and my mother-in-law made us lobster, which was a nice change from ham and turkey. The lobsters were full of boiling water and dried innards, which formed a thin layer of crust on the stovetop, counters and floor, giving the apartment a Christmasy smell of evergreens mingled with Eau de Dumpster Behind Red Lobster the day after. Hey, it launched me back on the pre-bridal diet. No complaints here.

I'm back at work and Joel is off until the beginning of January. When I left for work, he was busy doing laundry- swoon!- and had already taken Bella to the groomer to rid her furry head of dried lobster water crust. (I'm telling you, those lobster innards 'n water went EVERYWHERE)

I have tons of pictures that warrant a full post of their own and flickr links, but right now I have ice hockey footage to attend to. No rest for the wicked. I do want to leave you a photo of Aiden- oh, Christmas, how much more fun are YOU with a 17-month-old running around? You are so much FUN!- cuddling Ollie. I actually had to put my head between my knees to keep from collasping from the cuteness. For reals. People saw me do it.

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