Friday, April 27, 2007

Moving On!

Whew! Shake it off, walk it out. Thanks for everyone who chimed in and yanked me out of my 'lil self-pity party. That was some seriously interesting delurking there, folks. Carl, who would have guessed you were still hanging around?

Carl is the ex-roommate of a guy I used to know. We used to chat late at night whenever I went shopping in at Miami's 24-hour Winn Dixie, though to be fair, he's on Pacific Time. Still, it's nice to have company when you're buying bread at 2 a.m.

Lauren is the sparkly youngest sister of one of my Brides-Turned-Friend. NO IDEA you were here, girl. :) Welcome.

Anyone else wanna come out of the woodwork? Shannon's having a little delurkfest, too. Go tell her your favorite ice cream flavor. (Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, or soft serve vanilla/orange sherbet twist.)

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