Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Introducing Lucy

Man, this whole friends having kids thing is fantastic. Aiden, Gaby, Lucy, Luke, Melanie, Zak, (and Andrew, always in my heart) bring so much fun into my life, I can't even tell you.

Lucy belongs to Andrea, my friend from college whose baby shower I had a little trouble finding, and she is fantastic. She was baptized on Sunday, so Joel and I went down to the Greater Philly area to meet the baby, take pictures, and go to the party because- not gonna lie- Andrea's mom always puts out a fabulous spread. I kid! (sort of)

Andrea is an awesome mom. She is doing a great job. Lucy is in that deliciously chubbaloo bebe phase. I must confess; I totally munched on her head. She was baptized in a special service with nine other babies. The deacon was, um, verbose, and believe me, coming from me, that's saying something.

Lucy wishes the deacon would hurry up with the frame by frame description of the "Lion King."

Lucy was so good, hardly crying except for a little during the head-dunking bit.

But the other babies? OH THE CRYING. I grew up Catholic, and let me tell you, by the time the deacon used the word "exorcism" for the ninth time (which, what? I suppose he meant it in the general "Cleansing of Original Sin" sense) the sanctuary was like the old "cry room" at St. John Neumann's on CRACK.

Click below to hear a five second sample of the final moments of the service. I rest my case.

Joel and I are leaving for Jackson Hole in the morning. I will post a full flickr set and proper YouTube video of the baptism sooner or later, but perhaps not until after the 9th, depending on Wifi in the Grand Tetons. Happy Easter and Passover! Be good.

Final thought: Congrats, sweet girl. Your mom and dad love you so much. I can't wait to show you, through pictures and stories, just how proud of you we are, Lucy Goose. (Just for future reference, I will always have gum in my purse. After you grow teeth.)


Anne said...

How adorable!! I just love that last image. ;-)

Lauri said...

Aww, the cuteness! Also, Joel was a big hit. Even with the black eye, he got the thumbs up all around. Yay!