Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I bet the Donald doesn't stay up at night worrying.

I think I just fired my first client bride. This has never happened before, ever. She contacted me back in January. We went back and forth with the usual flirtations, and she gave me a verbal thumbs up four months ago.

Since then, we've been trying to meet to sign the contract. She has been sketchy the whole time. When I have spoken with her, she's all YES! You're the one! When can we sign contracts? And I say, how about Saturday, Sunday or Monday night? And she says, "Let me check with my fiancee!" And then I never hear from her. Ever.

Dude, do you have any idea how rude that is? If the shoe were on the other foot, and I was the one who noncommittal about meeting times, unreliable about returning phone calls, inconsistent in responding to emails, unclear about when we would be able to sign a contract, I would have Better Business Bureau reports coming out out of my yingyang. (Yes, I have a yingyang. It comes standard with every Canon camera.)

I finally laid it all on the line I simply must insist that we sign a contract and transact the deposit by May BlahdeBlah, 2007 or perhaps they should reach out to someone else. So far, no response. I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from the surprise.

Meanwhile, I have two other potential clients dragging their feet on decisions about me versus "other options." Why don't they want me? I want everyone to like me! Affirm me! LOVE ME! LOVE MY PICTURES! *sigh* crumbly mumble*


Luke said...

I love you and your pictures. When I get married in about 40 years I'll totally hire you.

Becky said...

I love you and your pictures, too. If Geoff and I ever get married again, we'd hire you for a second time. And we'd do it in a heartbeat, no less!

(Do you feel affirmed yet?)

shannon said...

I love you and your pictures too! (even though I keep forgetting to send you a deposit)
I am constantly amazed at how completely rude people can be. You don't need thse brides (although their money would be nice), you will find even bigger and better clients and things to photograph.

Michelle said...

Every single person (by single I mean unmarried) at our wedding - gay and straight - said that they want you to photgraph their blessed events (if and when they happen)...anyone who is unworthy of your level of talent and reliability should be told to f*ck off.

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Aw, you guys are so nice. I was half-joking and using hyperbole to be funny, and the truth is I'm just very frustrated. Then again, it was "half" joking, so the love is appreciated.

The tricky thing is, when the wedding gigs are good, it's very, very good. Becky and Michelle, you guys were clients and now you're friends. What's better than that? You just never know who's gonna go all Bridezilla Flakes on you.

Carl said...

Your photos are pretty awesome, actually. My sister got married this past summer and her photos all suck ass. Wedding photography might be a stereotypically female desire but it's truly cool when a wedding is recorded for all time in a few photos that capture character and feeling.

Perhaps you could post a few bad examples, as shot by other "professionals," on your own personal photography website. Label them as the crap folks will forever have to live with unless they gain your services.

hefk said...


Maybe you've been commenting all along and I'm not paying attention, but I feel like you're a being emerging from the mists of the past!

photos. when they are yours, they rule.

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Thanks, hefka.

Carl, WOW! Thanks for delurking.

Kelly said...

Obviously these brides did not do themselves the favor of having the money discussion with their partners and/or parents soon enough. Poop in their heads for not having the decency to tell you that they probably overblew their budgets on less important things and now have to ask old uncle Joe to take pictures with his 110 mm camera from 1975.

Lo Lo said...

Angie, this is Lauren, Michelle's little sister, and I need to tell you three things:

1.) I read your blog everyday and I love it (and you).

2.) Lucy is BY FAR the most adorable child I have ever laid eyes on.

and 3.) I definitely told Michelle at her wedding that I want you to photograph MY wedding someday because any photographer that goes tramping through the pouring rain in galoshes with everything but her camera lens covered in a poncho and still manages to take gorgeous pictures is worth any dollar amount.

You're amazing! Keep up the good work. :)


Carl said...

I usually skulk, rather than lurk. But I haven't really been been doing either. I just thought it would be neat to take a few peeks at people's blogs again just to see what's new. It's amazing how many people produce babies when we lift our supervisory attention from them for a little while.

And Angie, I saw that guy you used to know perhaps 3 months ago when I happened to be in his 'hood. He looks and sounds pretty much the same, though he wears Chuck Taylors to work now.