Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I have a new hobby.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered scrapbooking. I'm so addicted. It's really bad. I've been neglecting the blog, because I'm spending so much free time with my glue stick. Oof.

It all started with the great giant 72-hour cleaning project a few months ago. The fridge was absolutely covered with pictures Melanie and Gaby have drawn, little notes from my dad, comic strips I've clipped out, a fun Get Well card for Bella my mom made when her eyes were about to fall out, and OF COURSE I can't throw any of it away, especially the artwork from the Royal Cutenesses. So I got a scrapbook from Target with "almost done" pages- all you add is photos (or finger paintings)- and voila! Done!

The "almost done" pages were on sale, which was great, but I've since discovered they were sale because they were discontinued. Doh! So I got some basic paper and coordinating supplies with a Target gift certificate, and that was it. Now I'm popping in and out of A.C. Moore almost daily. In a way, it's kind of nice, actually. I spend so much time putting together prints, burning CDS, making albums, etc for other people that I don't really have many keepsakes for myself, unless you count my long list of flickr slideshows (which I do not) over there. ----->

I do find myself wishing there were snarky scrapbooking supplies, kind of like subversive cross-stitch. Instead of all the "Our Picture Perfect Day" wedding scrapbook stuff, what if there were embellishments and stickers that said, "My wedding planner was an incompetent boob"? What if there were Jolee's Scrapbooking stickers of a stirrups and IVF syringes and home pregnancy tests and bejeweled words like these that say "IFV Sucks!" Because I would TOTALLY make a snarky scrapbook like that, and a bunch of kickass women I know probably would, too.

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