Monday, December 11, 2006

Scenes from a Suzuki

Woman: Are you ready to go?
Man: Yeah.
Woman: Did you print out Mapquest directions?
Man: I checked Mapquest, but they're in my head.
Woman: Are you sure? 'Kay.

(45 minutes later)

Woman: Have we been here before?
Man: No.
Woman: What road are we looking for?
Man: I think we're in the wrong place. Their street is a tree name, and none of these are tree streets.
Woman: Should we call them?
Man: No. Look, there's Joel Place! Let's go there.
Woman: There is no housewarming party there. Let's ask for directions.
Man: Well...
Woman: Ask for directions!

(One trip to gas station for directions later; we're getting back on the highway.)

Woman: Should we call them?
Man: Nah, just get on the highway.
Woman: North or South?
Man: I'm not sure if we got off too soon or too late. We have to go one exit and see if they go up or down.
Woman: 'Kay... Is there a reason we can't use one of the three cell phones in this car and CALL THEM?
Man: I want to see if I'm right. We want exit 24. We could BE at exit 24 right now, but get on the highway anyway.

(Woman drives on highway, sees signs for exit 9.)

Woman: Call them.
Man: But-
Woman: Call them.

(Passing exit 8)

Woman: Call them or I'm taking the CD out and switching to Christmas carols.
Man: Noooo!
Woman: I will SO put on Christmas music.
Man: But-
Woman: DUDE. (finger lingering threateningly over AM/FM button)
Man: (reluctantly digging around for cell phone)
Woman: I'm talkin' BAD Christmas music, too. Celine Dion, if I can find it, or that terrible Santa Baby song.
Man: I'm dialing!

(One confusing phone call with harried hostess later)

Man: There! Route 24! I was right.
Woman: Oh, no. You said EXIT 24, not Route 24.
Man: But there it is.
Woman: Yes.
Man: I bet they eloped.
Woman: What?
Man: I bet we get there, and they announce that they went to the courthouse and did it.
Woman: Ya think? No, they wouldn't do that.
Man: I just have a feeling.
Woman: Wanna bet on it?
Man: Like what?
Woman: Like... dinner out. Dinner at Legal Seafood.
Man: But not at the one at Palisades.
Woman: No, that one sucks. The one in Plite Wains.
Man: Deal.
Woman: If they eloped, and you're right, then I buy. If they're not married, you owe me dinner.
Man: Okay.

(Drivey drive with the driving)

Woman: You know what WOULD be like them?
Man: What?
Woman: They got a friend to get ordained over the Internet and they surprise us tonight.
Man: Nah, they eloped.
Woman: I'm just sayin.'


Man: If they get married tonight at the party, we draw for it. No one buys dinner.
Woman: That works.

(Three and half hours, four courses of passed appetizers, and a dozen birthday/housewarming presents later....)

...Joel and I are eating at home. ;)

Congratulations, guys! This is your heart's true happiness, and it's everything you deserve.

P.S. Yeah, I take my gear pretty much everywhere I go, but THERE IS A REASON I haven't traveled lightly since 1998. :)


Judy said...

Wow! They did it! How exciting! Judy

Wetzel said...

You feeling better, Ange?

shannon said...

Aw. Not only is that a fantastic story, but the pictures are pretty great, too. :)

cindy w said...

That is a great story. Is that the same couple that was on "Queer Eye"?

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Yup. :)

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

They're lurking around here, too. Everyone smile and wave! Throw rice!

Anonymous said...


shannon said...

Waving. And throwing rice. Or bird seed, actually, because I like that better.