Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Weddingy Goodness and Gratuitous baby Photos

Okay. Hi. Here's the thing. I shot a kabillion photos last weekend. I have two close friends hitting two of life's most exciting milestones, and photographs are the best gift I can give them. At the moment I am spending hours every night editing pictures, and... I don't have much else to report.

After all the talk of "spirit fingers"(see above) last weekend, I may or may not have had an atrocious blight on our culture on my television in the background tonight. Not *watching* it, of course. Background noise only. Ahem.

The thing is, I'm trying to get as much cropping, editing and color-correcting done as possible now, because Joel is driving through directly westward toward home, crossing through Iowa as I write. Plus,the Cuteness will be doing her charm thing in the Big Apple this weekend. (And incidentally, if you clicked on the entry I just linked to, the touching wedding song from this latest event is "Someone to Fall Back On," which my friend sang to his husband at the reception.)

You can hear a recording of him singing (and my camera clicking and me "WOOOO!" at the end) right here.

MP3 File

And yes, the gratuitous baby photos...


shannon said...

That is one cute baby. And as always, those are wonderful photos.

Wetzel said...

Beautiful photos, Angie!!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while -- been swamped, but have definitely been reading the blog as much as I can!

Please tell Enders how happy I am for him!!! What an amazing moment! And where is that gorgeous setting?

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Hey Wetzel! I was hoping this entry would draw you out of Lurkdom. The ceremony was held in lovely clearing in a state park in WV, about two hours due west of DC.

The reception was held at the Guesthouse in Lost River, and their motto is "Be Yourself. Here... gay-friendly is an understatement!"

That said, one of the proprietors was an, um, "unfriendly diva" who practically downed a bottle of Xanax when I asked him if we could move a couch to make room for a dance floor. (Yeah, I was dressed all in black. I'm from New York. Call me pushy, but this is a yes or no question).

The Guesthouse and grounds are gorgeous. It's pricey ($150 a night with a two night minimum) and a more than a little fascist (children are VERBOTEN-luckily Enders' brothers' kids were permitted- and taking a muffin from the dining room? EXTREMELY FROWNED UPON!)

The wedding party, a handful of friends and I stayed in cabins in the state park, which were great. I really like his husband Keith. He's hilarious. Their bridesmaids were awesome women I wish I lived closer to so we could be friends and stuff. Meg was was in the wedding party. I hadn't seen her for seven years. I thought about you A LOT, actually. Can we please set a phone date and/or email off the blog? I have no working contact info for you, you know. I'm still

hefk said...

I um...OWN said "blight."
I remember the first time I watched it. I turned to my roommate at the time and said, "I hesitate to say this, but I'm totally enjoying this." She admitted she liked it too. It became a running joke - I think she even gave me the soundtrack for my birthday one year.
So did you like it?

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

I had seen bits and pieces of the movie before- enough to know the major plot points. Also, when I was doing that big story about the cheerleaders from Stepford High who won Nationals, they were really into it. So I knew all about "cheer sex" and have a pretty good idea of what a "cheerocracy" is.

Did I LIKE it? I don't need to own it, but I didn't change the channel. I definitely wish I could get "BRR! It's COLD in here. There MUST be some TORos in the ATmosphere!" out of my head, like, yesterday.

I must confess, even though I was originally horrified and offended by it's tastelessness, I prefer "Drop Dead Gorgeous" when it comes to Kirsten Dunst Movies I Really Should Hate. Enders was really into it, and it because a thing for a bunch of us in 1998. He's also the one who sort of made me like Ace of Base, too, for the record.

hefk said...

I should have complimented your lovely lovely work before I reinforced the cheerleader movie-watching thing. Here's the thing, though, if you don't KNOW about these things, and EXPERIENCE some of them, you won't know what to get all up in arms about when your latest issue of Bitch arrives in the mail, right? (current issue is v. good, btw)

bottom line:
lovely work.
yay enders.
hooray aiden.
hi wetzel!