Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Cuteness Takes Manhattan

Shannon does a really good job of recapping our weekend in the city, including the only time- ever- that I've been afraid of a terrorist attack since I moved here. Maybe it was the headlines in the Post reporting the interception of a message from Pakistan: "Do your attacks now." But when an unmarked car sped through the heart of Manhattan followed by 40-50 police cars- all with lights and sirens- and about 10 fire engines- I was *this close* to pulling Joel's hiking boots off his feet and making him walk up the West Side Highway three hours to Stepford in my sequined aqua Anne Taylor Loft flip flops. Funny how our instinct was "Save the men and child! Run toward danger!"

In the end, we decided it was probably best not to visit the top of the Empire State Building, though the 90-minute wait was the clincher on that choice. It was probably just a drill. We rode the carousel in Bryant Park instead. No wait, and our ears didn't pop.

Gaby washes the city right out of her hair.

I was touched at how good Joel was with Gaby (and really, all kids). His instincts re: avoiding electrocution and not throwing Bella's retrieval toys near hot BBQ grills are waaaay more advanced than mine.

Then again, I was slightly less appreciative when that same instinct inspired him to rescue a whimpering boxer whose head happened to be stuck between the jaws of a big fucking mastiff at the dog park Sunday night. Me? I just grabbed Bella by her collar and got away from the action.

Owner of Boxer: What the fuck, man?
Owner of Mastiff: Dude, with dogs, shit happens.
Owner of Boxer: Control your DOG.
Owner of Mastiff: I have him on a leash!
Boxer: Whimper.
Mastiff: Pant.
Bella: Quizzical look of frowny eyebrows.
Me: Joel, where is Bella's leash?
Joel: I don't have it. You don't have it?!
Me: No. It's on the ground, um, UNDER the mastiff.
Joel: Great.
Other Guy: were you the one who slid into the dogpile?
Joel: Yeah.
Me: WHAT?!?
Joel: I didn't think about it.
Me: Gah.

You see more photos from the weekend here.

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shannon said...

Ernie and I were talking about it on the ride that never wanted to end, and we agree that you sell yourself short with your ability with kids. Just looking at the way you handle Bella and how intent you are on your training with her was enough for us to see you're much more attuned to what it takes to really raise/be around kids than you think you are.
Plus, you have popscicles at your house.