Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh, yeah. I'm on vacation. I forgot to tell you? Really?

Hi from the beach. Mmm, I am happy. It is HOT here, hotter than it usually gets with sea breezes and low pressure systems moving in off the ocean. It's actually so hot that sitting on the beach is uncomfortable. Mrs P sat UNDER AN UMBRELLA; people, those hoofbeats and buckling sounds you hear are the four horsemen of the apocalypse in the tack room, MY GOD.

Yeah, so... My brain is pleasingly empty. I had this total time crunch last week, trying to tie up loose ends at work and finish all my projects before I left and doing laundry so I could pack. Blogging kind of slipped away from me. The beach house is less crowded this year, what with people buying houses and then, like, moving into them, going to work conferences, relocating to internship placement sites and giving birth and stuff.

I actually am taking a break from shooting, in part because I'm resting up for a wedding this coming weekend. I still find myself editing pictures for a few hours a day, which in reality is a good thing. I don't think I could just go cold turkey off my laptop. ;) I didn't think I was picking up wireless here, since the guy who had it last year seems to have password-protected his account. But now I'm in a different bedroom, and voila! Three happy bars of Internet connectiness!

But yes, I have edited a few photos of Kristen and Adam's baby that Mrs. P shot. He's a cutie-patootie, he just had a little eyedrop goop.

Then I retouched some photos from a family friend's wedding. The mother of the bride came down to the beach and hung out with us for a few days before driving back to Michigan. I replaced a bottle of beer in the bride's hands with her bouquet. Who needs party tricks when you have Photoshop?

And I am Girlfriend of the Year for looking through 12 CDs of images Joel has mailed me from his trip out west, which, can I JUST say needs to end soon? Because I miss him.

Now, I need to go see about some hush puppies and crabs for dinner.


Cindy W said...

That baby has got a fantastic set of lips. Seriously, what a kisser on that kid.

And... did you HAVE to go and say the words "hush puppies"? Because now I want some. And they don't exist in the Northwest. Now I'm gonna have to figure out if I can make my own little wads of corn bread that I can deep fry. Yum.

shannon said...

Aw, what a sweet baby. So cute.
And now, I, like Cindy, want hush puppies. Except I'm not pregnant, so I can't blame it on pregnancy cravings.
Do you think Joel will show us his pictures from out West when we come to visit next weekend? Or is he tired of them himself?

Becky said...

My question is -- why Photoshop out the bottle of beer? In my not-a-professional-photographer opinion, it would have made for a better shot. But whatever makes the bride's mom happy, right? ;-)

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Becky- I tend to agree with you on stuff like that. the photo I took of my sister trying to get a Diet Coke fix in her big poufy dress is one of my favorites. It's funny and reveals character.

This actually WAS more of a parlor trick when we were sitting around one night at the beach house.... They weren't clients or anything. I wasn't even at the wedding. It started out with me just going through all the photos the mother-of-the-bride took with her point-and-shoot camera, fixing red eye and cropping photos in a pleasing way. Then I started fielding the usual requests to remove crow's feet and wrinkles on necks. Then it was like, "What else can you do?" The beer/bouquet swap was kind of a demonstration, but it just tickled her to death. (And actually I didn't post the final version. I accidentally uploaded the not-quite done version where the flower stems aren't there yet and the flowers look sort of floaty over her hands. Oops). And they still have plenty photos of the bride with beer.

Shannon- I'm sure Joel will be happy to tell you all the stories behind his pictures. We may have trouble changing the subject. ;)