Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Few Couples I Admire

Happy commercially exploitative and competitive Hallmark day! Call me a foot soldier in the War on Valentine's Day. Whatever. Nah, I'm not that cynical this year (I mean, scroll down, right? ;) Joel and I are exchanging cards and presents, but I don't need a holiday to tell him I love him.

But in an effort to remember the "reason for the season" (you know, even this parody of the 'I'll have a Merry Christmas, THANK YOU' people is making my mouth water with bile), I'm writing a few quick vignettes on Couples I Admire

(And Happy Engagement Anniversary to Cindy and Dave, whom I have neither photographed nor met in person. You're nice, too.)

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Cindy W said...

Aww, thanks. We've had the least romantic engagement anniversary/Valentine's Day imaginable, but I still wouldn't trade my fella for anyone in the world.

This whole piece was lovely, btw.