Saturday, July 16, 2005

Loved it! Loved it!

So... the people who hired me to shoot some portraits this morning had to cancel, because the father in the family threw his back out. So I got to go right to the bookstore to buy HP 6, which I didn't do at midnight so I'd be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the shoot. I started at noon with glass of iced tea and snacks nearby, and 7.5 hours later (minus three bathroom breaks and one doggie-relief trip outside: poor Bella) I'm done.

And I freakin' loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. It's darker than any of its predecessors, but it's much funnier, too. I'm not going to spoil anything, so anyone can read this next part...

In the third movie, we get to see a few scenes between Hogwarts students that aren't written into the books. It was one of the things that set the third director apart from Chr!s Columbus. There's a scene where Harry, Ron, Neville, Seamus and Dean are eating candy in their dorm that makes them imitate zoo animals. Rowling has never described any such candy, but it's absolutely something that would exist in the world she created. In the scene, Seamus has his Hogwarts' tie wrapped around his head like Rambo. I loved it, because it was the sort of nuanced detail that Rowling includes in her books, but is missing from the movies. It's probably my favorite thing, and this book is rich with details like that.

To which I will only add... Won-Won!


shannon said...

Am half-way through it (courtesy of a 5-hour plane ride and a cranky kiddo), and I'm loving it.
And I love Won-Won.

kelly said...

I'm so depressed.

Alissa said...

See... I thought there was a lot less of that kind of detail in this book. This book seemed to be much more to-the-point and less descriptive. Which, I guess is partly because the previous books were SO descriptive that we already know a lot about, say, what Dumbledore's office looks like....but I still liked the details and wished there was more of that in this book.