Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Almost Out of Here...

Okay, the bags are packed, the pies are baked, the pets bathed (a Herculean task involving giving Fred his second official bathub bath ever, with some special non-bleach whitening shampoo for light-colored pets, then bathing Bella, then scrubbing and bleaching the bathub, then realizing Fred angrily peed all over some stuff, rinsing said stuff under hot water and soaking overnight in tub, re-bleaching and re-scrubbing the tub, washing peed-on stuff three times in washer today, then walking Bella in the rain, leading to muddy paws and growing sense of exasperation on my part). I have one more assignment, and then I'm on my way home for a few days of friends, family and carbohydrates. Yay!

For those of you who know where Casa Gaul is, feel free to come for pie on Thursday evening, hanging around on Friday and the inevitable Lancaster-shopping on Saturday. :) Be sure to mention how clean and lovely the pets are. ;)

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