Tuesday, April 13, 2004

YAWN.. hmm, what?

"Slow down, what's the hurry?

There's no rush today.

There won't be too many

Days like today.."

-Cheryl Wheeler

Rain + Day Off + Nothing in Particular to Do = Laziest Day Ever

It was sort of lovely. I blame the pets for being cute and cuddly all day, moreso than normal. I guess the desire to pull the covers over your head on a rainy day is sort of universal, or contagious, or whatever.

When I have nothing to do, though, I tend to worry about stupid stuff, like a mistake I made at work that has already been taken care of, apologized for, fixed. (Think: cover letter on a TPS report.) I wish I could just let that stuff go. I was too lazy to write stuff down on a piece of paper and burn it, though it might have helped. Anyone have any suggestions on how to beat those nagging thoughts back?

And my interview is this week. nervesnervesnerves

You know it's a slow day, though, when the most amusing thing you encounter is the HHS Band Alumni Newsletter. I sort of get a kick out of seeing who has written in (the Gerl@chs, for example, ALWAYS do: T!na's married name is W0lgemuth), and how their personal "news" has been mangled.

DISCLAIMER: I am not being petty. I am not trying to rekindle the Blog Wars of 2002. This is a direct quote, mispellings copied directly, except for the a/@ exchange in the last name. QUOTE: "Nich Longob@rdi has just moved to Louisiana after appearing in shows and films in NT, Ct and Pa. He also appeared in the film 'Nowhere to go but Up' with Audrey Tatton." They must have though L.A. meant Louisiana. That's probably Audrey Tautou, the French actress who starred in Amelie?

Also, Chad W!erschke works with heart and lung machinery. Who knew?

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