Monday, April 05, 2004

Good St. Anthony, come around...

It's funny. I set this weekend aside to get something important done, figuring I would be by myself and work hard, and instead the "peace and quiet" drove me up a wall. I made a bunch of phone calls and checked blogs a bunch of times.

That said, the portfolio update 2004 is mostly done. I need some stuff off my personal laptop to really finish it. As it turns out, however, my laptop may have grown legs and walked away. It was supposed to be back March 27th. I called the Apple Store on the 4th, and they told me it was delivered back on the 27th and signed for by someone in the Nournal Mews Jailroom. Which means either it's somewhere buried in the mailroom, or it was sent to the wrong department, or a mailroom employee walked off with it (which I wouldn't have thought of if my editor hadn't suggested it.)

Blarg. Let's hope not.

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