Sunday, March 14, 2004

Uncle Frank eggs with soldiers, please

Tonight I was on the phone with Alissa, and I decided I wanted eggs. I referred to sunnyside up eggs as "dippy eggs," which is what Amanda and I called them when we were kids. She had only ever heard her younger cousins calling them that.

The term "dippy eggs" is pretty self-explanatory. However, my family has always called soft-boiled eggs "Uncle Frank eggs." Nanny used to host big family breakfasts on the weekends when my dad was young, and apparently my Great-Uncle Frank always, always ate soft-boiled eggs, even if everyone else was having something else.

One Saturday in college, I was making Uncle Frank eggs, and I was cutting toast into vertical strips. Jo came into the kitchen, picked up a piece and said, "Soldiers!" which is what her mom always called strips of toast for soft-boiled eggs.

So here's a call for comments- What word habits have you had since you were a kid? And how do you take your eggs? :)

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