Saturday, March 13, 2004

London Calling

I'm watching "Bend It Like Beckham" for the 8th time and missing London so much it hurts. I actually just googled "London flats to let" and asked Stephen what it would take for him to be able to act professionally in England.

For us to move to London and work in our chosen professions, we would have to 1.) Make Stephen a British citizen- Marry Jo or similar- so he could join their

actors' union.

2.) Get extended visa for me, hoping some photo news service would hire


3.) Quit current job, spend all of accumulated savings, annilihate stability.

4.) Put wordly possessions in storage.

5.) Get dog and cat innoculated. Research quarantine laws.

6.) Leave friends, family, professional contacts, ability to get home quickly.

Somehow I think going to London on vacation would make the desire to do this worse. I know all the experiences I've had- getting to study abroad, backpack through Europe, live in London and Prague, etc- was supposed to get the desire to do this stuff out of my system. But it didn't.

Eh. Never going to happen.

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