Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Red Hooded Sweatshirt

I chose the above title as a nod to Adam Sandler's song, you know the one that goes like- "I love you, Sweeeeee-eh-atshirt. RED.HOOD.ED Sweeeee-eh-atshirt."

So yeah. My laptop is dead. Fried. Getting a new logicboard and everything. I keep walking around humming-

"I miss you Laaaaaaa-ah-aptop. (ramalamadingdong)

My little laaaaaa-ah-aptop."

Anyway, this means I have to schlep myself up off the couch and into my spare bedroom office, check my messages on my landline voicemail, fire up the desktop and connect via DIAL-UP (gasp). So I'm sorry I haven't blogged much.

Also, I had Alissa here for a fabulous friend-bonding weekend, which mostly involved up going to Scary Posh Mall, but you know, I like to give that whole actual human contact thing my attention whenever I can. :) Not that cyber human contact isn't fun, too. I'm just sayin.'

Right now my cat is curled up in a tight little ball on my papasan. He's sleeping with his head upside down, and he's meowing in his sleep. It's kind of like when Bella barks in her sleep, (also cute), but he seems much more vulnerable right now. Seeing him like this makes me forget about the times that he runs around the apartment with huge chunks of chicken in his mouth and kicks the dog treat jar off the refrigerator, though I swear Bella puts him up to that.

"Dropthechicken, dropthechicken, dropthechicken!"

There. That was for you, Luke. Drive safely. :)

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