Friday, December 20, 2002

I highly recommend that everyone read Alissa's web page, because it's very funny today, and it's Possession Amnesty Day, of which she is the first official Queen. She will remain Queen of this until someone else comes along who has received a worse or equally bad deal than the one she got from That Bastard in New Jersey, upon which a new queen will be chosen and showered with presents.

I'm not sure if Liss has really been "showered" with presents since I created this holiday (although the inspiration came from a book and I sort of extended it), and, therefore, am the only one who is obligated to be doing the "showering" (and anyway, Jason, I really don't know if there's enough room for anyone else in this shower, so....Hee! Love you!) I can't really afford to send enough presents to constitute a "shower," although she *did* get some fancy soap...

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