Saturday, August 03, 2002

A few weeks ago, Kelly sent out a forward, which she very seldom does and only when they are very funny. It was something about, "You know you are out of college when..." and some of the things it listed were like, "You only have a few alcoholic drinks you really like, because you have probably had a bad experience with almost all of them," etc. Anyway, one of them was, "You keep your houseplants alive."

And no shit! It's true! For the first time ever, I have five houseplants that are alive. Three of them are thriving. The other two weren't looking so good, but I pulled the dead leaves off and moved them to a sunnier spot, and one of them looks healthy again. The other one looks better, although it does still have a big leaf that is a dubious shade of yellow. One of the plants is so big I think it needs to be transplanted.

This is a big step for me! Usually, especially in college, my plants have just shriveled up and died no matter what I did. However, I think the plants I had in my freshman year of college, (before I lived with Best College Friend Jo), when I lived with Holly the Big, Dumb Inconsiderate Sorostitute Ho, were committing suicide. Can't say I blame them, what with all the hairspray and perfume and whatnot.

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