Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Ah... There is nothing quite like the Internet when you need a little something to help you waste your days off. It's a beautiful day out there, but it's hot as balls and so here I sit, reading Television Without Pity and The Onion and Tomato Nation and the free comics over at United Media. Where would I be without Get Fuzzy, since the Hiami Merald doesn't run it? If you weren't aware of these sites before, happy procrastinating!

Okay. Must. Stop. Right. Now.

Must go call insurance adjuster and find out if they have gone to the correct Toyota dealerships yet to look my car. Must go work on Portfolio CD packets and follow-up postcards to beg the universe to let me be an employed photojouranlist after September 6th. But really... I just want to take a nap and play with the kitten who is chasing a plastic bottle cap around the kitchen. :)

And now for the Crazy Animal Lady Report of Unsolicited News About My Pets- no more barf, woo hoo! The dog has taught the cat to fetch. The cat has taken to perching on top of my computer monitor while I'm working (yeah, right, playing Snood obsessively and checking my email every ten minutes for news about jobs is more like it), but the other night he fell asleep while he was up there and I guess he shifted in his sleep and he fell off. The good news is that he didn't fall to the floor through the crack between the desk and the wall, nor did he hit his head on the printer. Which is good. Fred is a little off anyway without head injuries. :)

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