Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Special greetings to Melissa! YAY! You're out there! I had no idea. The Smackie story is for you, too. :) Big letter coming to your parents' house! Send me your new address. :)

Okay. I don't know how this happens, but once again, the night before a big conference, etc., I am up at Stupid O'Clock in the morning designing portfolios. I suppose it's good that I have more material to add, etc., but sheesh. Blarg. It's 3:39 a.m. I think I watched five consecutive of the Cosby show, and I am on my third episode of Family Ties.

It's the episode where Jennifer is really bratty because she's jealous of the new baby. Tina Yothers is really, really grating in this episode. She never bothered me when I was little and watched this show when it aired the first time. But I did see an episode I never saw before. Alex falls asleep while studying the American Revolution, and he dreams he helps Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence. All of the regular people on the show (Skippy, Elise, Steven, etc.) are there in "period costumes." Steve is Thomas Jefferson. When Alex wakes up, he's all disoriented, wondering what year it is. It's all very Back to the Future. He does the speechless, confused, "Wha-? You're my...You're my- Muh?" Michael J. Fox thing. I wonder which came first- this episode or Back to the Future.

Despite the fact that I am essentially nocturnal. I am tired.

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