Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Okay! It's time for a Birthday Tribute to the Person Who
• Designed a program that allowed bored tenth-, eleventh- and twelfth-graders to "shoot" everyone's least favorite math teacher on their TI82 calculators, which would have led to expulsion and mandatory counselling in the post-Columbine high school world, come to think of it.
• Who feels humbled when bats yawn in his face
• Who knows when to hold 'em and knows when to fold 'em, ending and beginning new chapters of his life with a deep sigh and a philosophical outlook- walking out of a cross-country meeting and taking up spelunking his first week in college, letting B's new boyfriend hit him the requesite number of time to earn enough points to lose a fencing match, then walking out and not looking back.
• Who will never again eat jambalaya
• Who knows chicks dig pale scrawny guys
• Who is shaping the future in this age of technology at Microsoft
• Who sees the romance in inhaling the scent of free-growing orange trees in the shadow of an illuminated minaret against a navy blue sky surrounded by fluttering bats. (What is it with you and bats?!?!)
• Who knows how to juggle, for real
• Who came home from college for the first time to see Nick in the fall play, sat next to Bharat Bat, and suddenly realized Bharat was really, really high.
• Who sometimes just wants to eat something with a knife and fork.
• Who, for the rest of his life, "even if (he) needs an iron lung," will expect me to hit him in the face with a pie.
• Who once punched out a "Quadraplegic Helper-in-Training" Monkey.
• Who took two Dramamine pills and has no recollection of Portugal
• Who is the the Supreme God of Encore, able to quote even the most obscure song lyrics under pressure.
• Who is a superb dancer, able not only to lead a beginner, but also to help her feel like the thinnest, most graceful woman on the dance floor.

Happy Birthday, Scott! Many blessings on your next 25 and beyond.

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