Monday, July 01, 2002

George got adopted today. He went to a really good home. This adorable, older Russian couple fell in love with him instantly (the wife's name was Esther). At first they decided to think it over and let me know later if they would actually adopt him. They left, but they couldn't have even made it out of the parking lot. They were back five minutes later. I know they're going to give him a great home. They. were. so. excited. They were telling me, "Oh, you know, he's going to learn Russian," and I pointed to Bella (who was there after getting groomed; the organization holds its adoption days on weekends in Petsmart), and said, "My dog knows her commands in English and Spanish and a little Hebrew." But before I could explain that it was Erika who would speak to her from time to time in Hebrew, they were showing me that they were both wearing Star of David necklaces, and not to worry, "George was going to a good Jewish home, and what a lovely Jewish girl I am for making them so happy by having them adopt a Jewish kitten!" They were totally kidding, I am sure they would have taken him home even if they knew I was a lapsed Catholic, Unitarian, semi-neopagan whatever-I-am-now, but it made them so happy to tell me he would stay in a Jewish home that I couldn't bring myself to tell them otherwise. :)

Angie bat Judy! Gwen bat Linda! Alissa bat Cathy! George bar Esther! Herman Buttface!

But- my apartment is a sadder place without George. I still have Fred, who, secretly, I was more attached to than George. Sigh... I am so pathetic. It's just... well, I am a little lonely here. I have some friends here, especially through work, and of course, I am meeting people all the time, through Pet Rescue, just randomly in bookstores and restaurants that I strike up conversations with (sorry, Gwen, prepostion at end of sentence. :) But on Saturday, I was really, really nauseous and dizzy, and I went home sick, and I felt so crummy, and all I wanted was some toast and ginger ale. And I didn't have ginger ale. And there isn't anyone I felt comfortable calling and asking me to run to the store and buy me some. And that had me feeling a little homesick.

Also, Kel is back in Lancaster, which makes it seem extra appealing, despite all the madness there at the end of my time there. :) Welcome home, Kelbaby. I will see you in two weeks!

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