Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Blast from the Past Night

I'm overwhelmed right now by a kick of nostalgia for my past, mostly brought on by the sudden re-emergence of the sun and actual, bonafide summer weather. Oh, how I wish I were a kid again.

So far I have contemplated doing the following:

-going to a community pool, making my swimsuit all nubbly by laying on my stomach on warm cement, eating freeze pops
-finding and joining a marching band, any marching band that would take an old lady like me
-waking my college roommate up at 5 a.m. her time by calling and singing the Mephiskapheles "Bumblebee Tuna" song in a high pitched voice

I have actually:

-covered a big parade kicking off the start of the Independence Day festivities here in Stepford
-eaten three sugar-free, diet-friendly popsicles (two cherry, one grape)
-amused myself with old photos being posted on Facebook by college marching band friends?
-made my stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh dance around to the Mephiskapheles "Bumblebee Tuna" song, 1998 style
-called the only other friend who would remember all the lyrics to the Bumblebee Tuna song, only to get her voicemail, then miss her return call while talking to the copy desk about tomorrow's A3 centerpiece of parade photos, then check voicemail to discover that she was putting her kid to bed when I called
-researched municipal sewer regulations for the house Joel and I want to buy

Because we're old.

What are doing this summer evening? What summer traditions are you nostalgic for?


Anonymous said...

My man named po-po said him was oh, son hungry
Him got that craving for something of the sea
I told him I had chicken franks
I told him I had Charlie
Him smiled and said, "I need some Bumblebee!"

Alissa said...

When I missed your call last night we were out to a movie, and then sat on our back patio with the little mini lantern lights strung in the cherry tree, just hanging out and talking with some friends. So.... not TOO far off from how we used to spend summer nights. Although we were sitting up in chairs rather than lying on the ground in someone's cul-de-sac or driveway. :)

SweetAdelineXO said...

If it ever stops raining, I'd like to BBQ some salmon and veggies and spend a whole day lounging in the backyard hammock by the pool at my best friend's house like we used to when we were in HS. Her parents opened the pool in May and no one's even used it yet because the weather's been so shite. Lame.

Judy said...

I want to go to Ocean City, MD one day next week when we are in that area on vacation. In Ocean City I want to walk by the place where I stayed as a child and go in the ocean at the spot where we always set up camp on the beach when I was a kid.

I want to drive by the area where the Peppermint Lounge used to be and where I danced to "House of the Rising Sun" with my boyfriend and drank "near beer" at age 15. And remember how I thought I was hot stuff!

Kelly said...

Oh, god, why aren't we going swimming at Grac's house and making peppermint brownies and watching movies and then driving home to the sound of the Indigo Girls on the stereo? That's what I want.