Sunday, March 01, 2009

Welcome, Offbeat Brides!

Milestone Images is currently featured on the Offbeat Bride website, and there's a whole lot of new people clicking over from there this snowy Sunday night. Welcome, all!

Just a heads up, this blog, aptly titled "Idiosyncratic Life," is more than a photo blog about the business. Yes, there are sneak peek entries from recent events and sessions, but you're just as likely find entries about cat barf, my dilemma about whether or not I should wear Depends while covering the presidential inauguration, and the time that I couldn't pee because I thought Britney Spears was in the stall next to me. (She wasn't. It was her publicist.)

The regular commenters here are a combination of my Real Life friends and family, a collection of Internet friends who have reached out across cyberspace to form those amazing friendships that were creepy just a few years ago but are kinda just the way things are now, and my former-brides-turned-friends. (Oh, and my childhood dentist, a photography buff extraordinaire, is also here. For the photo tips. Hey, Dr. G!)

Becky, Michelle, Alissa, Nikki and Jillian (Psst... Nikki is the cartwheel bride; J is her wife) are all regular blog readers whose weddings I've photographed, and Lauren a.k.a LoLo, Gwen, Kelly and Julia were all bridesmaids in at least one of those weddings.

I also photographed the wedding of reader/commenter Ethnically Ambiguous a.k.a. Tanii, though that was unplanned as she and her husband Eric threw themselves a surprise wedding. Talk about badass and offbeat; Girlfriend got engaged on Queer Eye and wore jeans to get married in her living room. I've since shot her baby shower, her son's newborn portraits and his baptism, but I had a full-on heads up when each of those events were taking place. The marriage? Not so much. I thought we were going to a birthday/housewarming party ;)

Luke is the L.A. based photographer who occasionally joins me to cover weddings; he's a college friend who rescued Joel and me when we ended up stuck in a dodgy neighborhood in L.A. on our honeymoon. Joel is not only my husband, but also my partner in crime and second photographer-in-command at some weddings, though he's a talented nature photographer in his own right. Technically, Milestone Images is his project, too; we chose the name because I shoot "milestone in your life" type events, and he's a geologist-geekboy who drives many miles and takes pictures of rocks. Really, really cool rocks. His nature photographs are sold on Etsy, actually. (woot! blinky light! pimp alert! woot! blinky light!)

That's pretty much the cast of characters, along with my dog Bella and cats Fred and Ollie. Oh, and the commenter who calls herself Judy/Mom is.... wait for it, wait for it... my mom! I know! Shocking! :) So, welcome. Say hi, join the conversation or just lurk and check out the photos. Here is one of my dog in a chicken suit. Enjoy!

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