Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Whirlwind

Joel and I traveled to PA this weekend for Alissa's graduation and bridal shower.

We had perfect graduation weather. Not too hot, not too cold. I am so, so proud of Alissa for completing her doctorate degree. She earned this degree tackling one paper, one course, one client, one internship/placement/post-doc at a time. She's at the top of her game, headed for the top of her field, and considering I've known her since the days of knock hockey and hot dog roasts 23 years ago, sometimes I'm just in awe.

Alissa's bridesmaids did an amazing job with the shower, including yummy infusion jars of tea and sangria and multiple courses of cookies. Once again, my sister worked her bow hat magic.

And no weekend with mah sisterfriends is complete without countless silly pictures of Gwen being Top Model fierce, Kelly pointing at things, and me passing my camera off to Joel to document that I do, in fact, exist and can be captured in photographic evidence.

You can see slideshows from graduation here and the shower here.


Alissa said...

The photos are beautiful and funny and everything else they are supposed to be/capture. Thank you for being a part of that day, and everything that came before it.

gwen said...

Tyra would totally throw me off of Top Model for that squinty face... I really need to work on that, is very important priority...

I was so happy to be there! That first picture of Alissa made me puff up with pride a little -- you captured that perfectly. She looks so smart and beautiful and just right.