Thursday, May 29, 2008

All better!

I actually left work early, got my dentist to call in a prescription for Vicodin and spent the rest of my evening in lessening amounts of pain. And frankly, I spent it, well... a little high. When I woke up this morning, I no longer wished to remove my teeth with a set of pliers. It's all good.

I'm starting to pull together the wording for the ceremony. Is it bad that my favorite wedding poem so far is from "Sex and the City"?

"His hello was the end of her endings
Her laugh was their first step down the aisle
His hand would be hers to hold forever
His forever was as simple as her smile
He said she was what was missing
She said instantly she knew
She was a question to be answered
And his answer was “I do.”

-Sara Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw


lauren said...

I love the SATC and have no shame about it, I tell you. NO SHAME. Use the poem, it rocks.

anne s. said...

Hear, hear! I love it.