Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wigging Out

Okay, so my sister has a lot more time on her hands these days before starting her new job on March 1. ::::Golf clap to celebrate her unbelievably brave choice to jump to a firm where 65 hours a week or so should be considered fulltime.:::

Anyway, she is ROCKIN' around YouTube in her newfound free time, and she's sharing the BEST stuff with me these days. Now usually *I'm* the Internet junkie blogger who's all, Hey, did you see that thing online where Jon Stewart went on Crossfire and called that guy a dick? and she's all, "If I don't send a certain piece of paper by messenger to a FedEx plane waiting on the tarmac at Logan in the next five minutes, the supervising partner on this deal will dangle me out of the Hancock Building by my toes in accordance with tax code 5678 in compliance with the ad hoc nin com pupe statute of 1987 OMG ANGIE I HAVE TO HANG UP NOW-" Click.

It's all good, though. I know she's not REALLY having an anxiety attack unless she calls back five minutes later, screaming "I can't fweel my WIPS! My mouf is numb! Why can't I feel my WIPS?!?" Um, I don't know why you can't feel your lips. Are you having a stroke? "NOT HELPFWULL." Click.

To be fair to her and her old soul-crushing job, she really did handle the whole "Miranda Hobbs, Attorney at Law" lifestyle quite gracefully most of the time. In fact, if I recall correctly, I think the numb lips episode was the result of job stress + wedding planning + craptastic birthday + bad health news about a family member. I shouldn't blame it all on the offices of Bendover N. Takeit, Attorneys at Law.

I'm proud of her for admitting the partner track lifestyle isn't for her, though. I'm proud of her for making this choice to switch firms. I'm proud of her for finding a way to be an attorney, use her degrees, and maybe even- *gasp*- eat dinner with her husband before midnight several nights a week! It's gonna be GREAT!

ANYWAY, all of this rambling comes to this YouTube video she told me about yesterday. It starts out a little slow, but hang in there. It's worth it. And then- let's discuss- do you think it's real? I went back and forth on it, and I've come to a firm decision. But I want to hear what you think first! So...

Watch. Debate and discuss.


Amanda said...

Sorry to ruin the fun of guessing if this is real ... it isn't. The "bride" was outed as a singleton and actor wannabe. Here's her myspace page (I think at least one of the bridesmaids is listed as a friend).

For your continued viewing pleasure, may I recommend the following from You Tube:


shannon said...

Waaah. I finally had time to go watch the bride one, and it's gone. Stupid YouTube, pulling videos of actors trying to get famous by doing stupid things, and former popular preschooler show stars singing about being a groundhog. :(
The cat thing Poor kitty. But the pawing at the glass sort of made me laugh. (and it says in his notes that they did stop it early because the cat hated it) Can you imagine Fred in that thing?

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

I myself had come to the conclusion that it was fake, for a number of reasons. The most compelling reason I came up with, however, was that I did a search on's registry search engine. It cross-references couple's names on all the most common registries from Target to Macy's to JCPenney. It keeps old registries on there for a few years after the wedding. There was no Jodi marrying a Kevin Smith (which you hear the bridesmaids call the groom in the video) any time in the last few years. It also ocurred to me: KEVIN SMITH is the name of a famous actor/director ("Silent Bob") of Chasing Amy, Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, etc. Perhaps a little homage to their favorite filmmaker?

Anyway, turns out it was all a marketing scheme for Sunsilk conditioner. has the video exclusively on their website. You can still see it there-