Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update, Schmupdate

Schmupdate is just fun to say. Schmupdate. Schmupdate!

So I have a new template, and I finally added links to the categories on the side, because I hadn't really updated anything since... oh, OCTOBER?!? How'd that happen?

Also, photos from Fun Girl Weekend are online here.

I've actually been quite lucky in terms of seeing my sister/friend and sisterfriends fairly often recently, though this marks the beginning of a long stretch of time without plans to see each other. This was our second annual Fun Girl Weekend, with all the bonding and laughter and shopping and sex talk six women can cram into a 72 hour period.


Kelly said...

Love the pictures! Even tho my mouth is open in pretty much all of them. Whee! I'm already looking forward to FGW 2008! Love to all of you@

Alissa said...

hey... when I click on that link, it goes to the newspaper site....??

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Yeah. Oops about that. I'm going to fix the link right now. You can always scroll down and click to it from the Picture Book category. But fixy fix! right now!

gwen said...

Schmupdate! Those are great.