Monday, January 29, 2007


First up, congrats to regular commenter and blogger Cindy and her husband Dave! Baby Girl has arrived! :) She is beautiful. I'm so in awe of Cindy, not just for, you know, giving birth and all that, but also because she is WEARING MAKEUP and her hair looks freshly blown out in all the hospital photos, posted from the materity ward within six hours of giving birth. I KNOW. It makes me want to fall to my knees, a la Wayne and Garth, "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" :) Rock on with your glossy hair and gorgeous kid. I'm just sayin.'

Alrighty then, moving right along from the antiquated 90s pop culture references, National Kazoo Day! I actually went to a National Kazoo Day party in the city at Becky and HDL's on Saturday night, and I got to see a lot of fun people I haven't seen in a while. Turns out, one or two are lurking here, hmm? :) Lots of bloggy good bonding ensued, and I found one or two blogs I'll be lurking on myself in the near future. BitchPhD is my new blog crush. You should all go lurk there, too. It'll be like a thing we do together.

And then, moving right along from reclaimed swear words for feminist academic bloggers, everybody's favorite "Portable P!0tner" got baptized this morning. I love this child so much that I only made Joel get out of bed to hit snooze once at 7:00 a.m. on a WEEKEND. If you've never tried to get me out of bed, you have no idea of the truly horrible beast that I can be first thing in the morning. Or even second or third thing in the morning. "Not a morning person" doesn't begin to cover it. I'm like the Incredible Hulk, except I turn green and hurl stuff around when people try to rouse me any time before noon.

Alarm Clock: "This is NPR's Morning Edition-
Me: (muscles bulge, pajamas turn to torn rags) SMASH! SMASH! SMASH!
Alarm Clock: Jesus, I'm scared. Somebody hold me!

But dude, I got up, I PUT ON PANTYHOSE, and I went to church two states away, because I adore this child. (And Joel sort of bribed me with the promise of an Egg McMuffin.)

The rest of the photos are here.


Alissa said...

Hey! I told you about Bitch Ph.D. a million years ago....and I don't have as much time for reading the blogs anymore, so I tend to stick to feministing....someday when I have more time and the internet back at home I will have to catch up on all the stuff I used to read....

cindy w said...

You're too funny. I guess that's a good shout-out for my hairstylist (and my self-inflicted bang trim a couple of weeks ago) because all I did to my hair was run a brush through it for 2 seconds before the camera came out. And the make-up was applied before we left for the hospital - I just did a little powder and lipstick touch-up. :-)

What can I say, I'm a southern girl who was raised in a good home.