Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Two Dog Related Things

1. Got a voicemail from the vet saying some of Bella's initial bloodwork came back with "nothing alarming apparent" on it. I got the message after the practice was closed, so I need to wait until morning for more details. She also said more results will be in on Wednesday, so we need to keep "everything the same" and "stay the course" for now. I assume this means the cultures for the funky fungal infections are still, um, culturing? But "initial bloodwork" probably showed things like white blood cell counts. If they aren't alarming, then leukemia and immune system diseases are probably not the source of the badness.

2. This is freaking hilarious. I'm not a Marmaduke fan, persay, but Joe Mathlete cracked me UP.


gwen said...

Oh my god... that is so funny. And good news about Bella -- fingers still crossed for the hypertension.

Jillian said...

That was funny! Good news about Bella! Here's hoping the results that come in today are good too. Thinking of you all.