Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I have this somewhat disconcerting bad habit of thinking about embarrassing things that have happened to me years after they occur. This usually happens while I'm physically engaged in a boring, repetitive activity that doesn't involve much mental stimulation- like scrubbing the bathtub- but I often catch myself blushing deeply and swearing out loud when once of these embarrassing memories bubbles up. My college roommate Jo, though grateful I was cleaning and conquering the Shower Hairball That Ate Manhattan (If Only The Roads Weren't Drifted Shut With All This Damn Lake Effect Snow) used tease me about having Tourette's. Which I don't, at all, but thanks to all the nice comments, I'm feeling philosophical enough about the church incident to think that maybe it won't end up being a catalyst for one of my Retroactive Memory-Induced Outbursts.

So anyway, thank you, commenters, for letting me know you're out there. And... I know this isn't the Academy Awards, but one more thank-you...

I once got thanked in a public way for inspiring someone to take off his pants in front of a live audience, but I'm not sure I ever said, "You're welcome." Do check out comment #8 in the entry below. It made my day (especially when the angels say "douchebag" and God uses the word "Me-fearing.") I'm glad you're part of the conversation. So thank you. And you are welcome.


cindy w said...

I think everyone looks back on things that they've said or done and cringes. (Or curses out loud, whatever.)

Granted, it might be tougher for you what with your freaky-deaky memory and all. But trust me, I have more than a few myself. Most of them from high school era, but still plenty from my current day-to-day life.

Lauren said...

Oh my god, I totally do that "ten years later, I remember something random and get embarrassed about it all over again, but this time in the privacy of my own living room" thing. Happens all the time. Eeeek. I hate that.

Also, I am like, the worst commenter ever, but I read your blog all the time and totally adore it. Also, I think Father Ken is a big suck. He's lucky that Barbie is a nice person, and didn't feel inclined to wack him over the head with her tripod. I am not so nice, and probably would have wound up in jail for attacking a member of the clergy.