Tuesday, May 30, 2006

As good as it gets

This past weekend, I shot one of my most important assignments ever. Then I had a party and mixed various groups of friends with family with great success. Fred made a guest appearance and was a pretty big hit in his humiliating-for-him but convenient-for-me kitty belly pack. My dog played nicely with a 3-year-old who caught imaginary puppies (two black and white, two tan and one brown) with a butterfly net for me and my friends from high school. The net also came in handy when a soccer ball got kicked onto an inaccessible spot on the cover of my landlords' empty-since-the-80s swimming pool. I learned HDL can open beer bottles with her teeth. I officially live in sin with a boy who came up with the fantastic idea to carve a watermelon jack-o-lantern. And I got to see one of the best damn Mets games in a long time. :)


Judy Gaul said...

Had a ball! You and Joel are terrific hosts! Many thanks! Mom

shannon said...

You're officially living in sin with him? I missed that part. :)
The jack o lantern is fantastic!

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Yup, he just moved in! The party was a BBQ/mini apt-warming. When are you guys planning to be in NYC?

shannon said...

Hooray! How exciting. :)

The short answer to your question is "we don't know yet" probably in July or August, and I'm leaning more toward August at this point. Is that good for you guys?