Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Mean people make me cry. It's true.

(You know what else makes me cry? The fact that there is essentially no one out there reading and commenting- (THANK YOU Alissa and Cindy; my heart runneth over; your comments make me want to lie down in green pastures) makes me wonder what I have to do to generate the comments. Damn, I read all these blogs these days- cancer blogs and Mommyblogs and Dadblogs- AND THERE ARE SO MANY FREAKIN' COMMENTS. I almost- ALMOST- want to fake a pregnancy so that people can harass me about attachment parenting and breast-feeding and whether or not I should take charitable donations for high dental bills. At least I would know someone is out there. I could post a picture of someone else's baby's toes and see what happens.

Ready? Here we go!

Can't you hear the stampeding hords of Internet trolls coming to make me question my self-worth? HELLOOOO Blogworld. I posted a photo of baby toes. I will now say the words FERBER SLEEP METHOD and FORMULA and DAY CARE and see what happens. If you aren't following all the MommyWars on the Internet, well... Good for you. Except that right now, you're probably all, "Huh? Wha? Can't you just post something about your interesting job?"

OKAY! So yeah, on Saturday, a priest made me cry. He actually SHOUTED at me over a LOUDSPEAKER during a mass in front of two dozen overdressed second graders and their families. Afterward, as I apologized profusely for something I did completely by accident which wasn't even all that offensive, HE CONTINUED TO PUBLICLY BERATE ME as I sobbed horrible hiccupy sobs in public. Also? He referred to me as being Jewish? And... It wasn't a compliment?

I'm pretty sure in that moment that the last piece of my Catholic identity broke off in my hand.


Alissa said...

What? What did you do? Of course, maybe if you wanted to tell us that, you would have written about it. So, you can just email me if you don't want to publicly out the whole thing. :)

gwen said...

I'm sorry, I am a bad commenter. I always make comments in my head and do not write them in the little boxes, thus rendering them pretty personal and ineffective.

So yes. I will comment more. No fake pregnancy necessary. :)

Julia said...

First of all baby toes are the cutest thing ever - well in addition to baby fingers, earlobes, chuckles, and sneezes of course. And babies with hats on. Don't even get me started on cute babies!!!

And yes I agree with Alissa (who unfortunately I do not know - Hi Alissa, I'm Angie's friend from SU. Brought closer by our mutual association with Luke. Who you may or may not know...). What did you do that was not so offensive yet warrented yelling? Please email! And I always try to remember when someone is being seemingly unnecessarily mean that there is about a 50/50 chance that they could just be in a bad mood about something else and taking it out on you in the only way they know how to cope. Of course the other chance is that they're just an a$$h*1e... ;)

Alissa said...

Hi Julia. I'm Angie's friend from... diapers, practically. I've heard about you, but I don't think we've ever met.

Now I want to hear the story. You beg for commenters and then leave us hanging!

Judy said...

Oh Boy! Am I an ALMOST Grandma?
As I said to you, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. Some of the most self proclaimed "Christians" for one hr on Sun. AM are not decent human beings. Sadly, the newspaper headline will never scream, "TOO MANY GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!"
Angie, I am proud to say, you do good in this world. Keep it up. Mom

cindy w said...

Girl, please. I'm such a comment whore that I've been documenting my whole trying-to-get-pregnant journey in hopes that eventually it'll turn into some kind of mommy blog. (More accurately, at the rate I'm going, it'll end up being an infertility blog. Whee.)

Awesome baby toes, btw. Whose child is that?

Also, I really really really want to hear the story of the Super-Incredible Un-Christian Priest. Can't wait for that.

hefk said...

I want to hear the story too.

Also, my lovely, progressive LGBT/race/gender/etc.-unafraid parish would hope that you will believe that that one angry guy is not the Catholic Church. He was acting like a jerk.

I'm sorry he hurt you.

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

I'm working on the whole priest story as told by Chunky Photojournalist Barbie at Skipper's first communion. It's coming. I'm not trying to stall for dramatic effect, I swear. I just got stupid busy. A Marine from our coverage area died in Iraq; I'm filling out a lot of paperwork to cover graduation at West Point where George W will be speaking over Memorial Day.

Cindy, they are my chiropractor's baby's toes. Also, I've wanted to say this for a while as I read about your adventures in trying to conceive... I believe you and Dave will have the family you long for. I know you know you're still well within the scientific boundaries of "normal," which is all well and good, but doesn't help much when your heart and soul is longing for a child. Still... I believe that you and Dave have so much love to give, and you will create, build, gather and/or conceive the beautiful family you're wishing for with all your heart. Think of all the fun British vocabulary you have yet to use on a daily basis- nappy! toothkind juice! dummy! pram! buggy! cot! Now matter how or when you meet your kids, they're are going to sound just a little British because of Dave, and they're probably going to eat a lot of toast.

hefk- You know I admire you so much for working to change the Catholic Church from within. I know the mean bad guy is not the whole institution. On the other hand, he's not the only one to demonstrate to me the reasons why I don't feel like I belong in the faith where I was raised. I know that he is just one tiny thread in a large tapestry, one that is deeply richer and more beautiful because you and Kevin are apart of it. So much respect for you, mija.

shannon said...

I couldn't comment because I was in Cindy's part of the country, playing with other people's children (and honestly, trying not to kill my own by letting her eat whatever she wanted, even if it was chocolate for breakfast).
But I love the Mommy War breakdown. And I'm sorry the priest made you cry. I second what Hef said, we're not all bad, we Catholics.