Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Water... (cough cough)... Water

You know the old iconic image standby of a man in a desert, crawling toward an oasis, croaking "Water... Water.."?

I've been trying for the last five minutes to figure out where this pop culture reference I'm referring to originates, but I can't remember. It's spoofed in a lot of cartoons, commercials, maybe even that scene in National Lampoon's Vacation where Chevy Chase is trying to get his family to WallyWorld and their car breaks down and he wanders through the desert with a pair of pants on his head? You know? I'm like that right now.

I am in the midst of My Biggest Project EverTM. Thousands of jpegs. Hours of sound clips. KILLING. ME. I.. can't.. go on...

No, wait! You know who I am? I'm not Chevy Chase in "Vacation." I'm Steve Martin in "The Three Amigos" in the jail scene where El Guapo chains him in the jail, and he takes one laborious step.. then another... and the chains strain.. and then whappity-whappity-whappity he gets flung back against the brick wall. You know? Anybody? that is so me right now.

I want my mommy.

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Judy Gaul said...

Mommy wants you, too! Love ya! Mom