Monday, January 09, 2006


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The Gabs will always be The Cuteness, but this young man is going to need a title of his own. The Sweetness, maybe. :)

My friends Rob and Jackie (they're lurking around here somewhere, everybody smile and wave) are the proud parents of 6-month-old Luke, of whom I took, I kid you not, 522 photos this weekend.

I got to hold him just as he was waking up, and he sort of stirred and turned his warm little face toward my neck before drifting off again, and I was all, "I'm good at this! Look at me! I'm holding a baby and he likes it! I'm good at this!"

Until later in the restaurant when I got to hold him and he began to cry. Then, not so much. Still though, this child? SO. CUTE.

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