Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yes, I'm Ms. Crankypants. How can I help you?

SHUT UP kid who hit my car in the parking lot of your high school and didn't leave a goddamn note last Monday.

SHUT UP creepy episode of Medium with your pertinent hit-and-run plot.

SHUT UP $1000 deductible.

SHUT UP Geico with your adjuster appointments and rules about rental cars. Just... eh... SHUT UP.

SHUT UP big long line at Best Buy for only two goddamn ten dollar gift certificates. You have 10 cash registers. There are 100 people in line. You are closing soon. Why are only two people ringing up customers?

SHUT UP heart-poundy anxiety thing that keeps happening when I think about going to Boston for Christmas with the newish boyfriend because I'm afraid I might run into the old boyfriend.

SHUT UP nagging thoughts suggesting that maybe I *should* see the Ex for the first time in a year to have coffee, catch up and make peace or whatever.

SHUT UP heart-wrenchy thing that happens when I think about Ex's nephew turning 5 in two days.

SHUT UP confusing lack of organization and communication in an organization of professional communicators

SHUT UP pile of dirty dishes. I think I hate you most of all.


Cindy W said...

Wow. The holidays have just crapped all over you, haven't they? Sorry about your car. And the heart-poundy thing. Sounds like you're in dire need of a stay-under-the-covers day.

shannon said...

Dear Ms. Crankypants,

The holidays do the same thing to me that it looks like they are doing to you. I suggest a cup of tea, a good book and a day of not dealing with people.
(barring that, send me your address so I can send you your Christmas present. It's got chocolate in it, and a Gaby original creation.)