Monday, August 22, 2005

We return now to the regular blogging agenda.

First, an addition to the list of Dating Scenarios that Alarm Me: Start talking about how "smashing our eHarmony commercial will be" before you even meet me. Whoa. Scared of *that."

Second, an update about my pets.... Well, sort of. The f*cking Rogue Skunk has spawned. There are little baby skunks running all around my neighborhood. Bella really likes baby animals, which is how we found Fred and George. (Aw, George... Hope you're the most pampered cat in Miami right now.) So yeah, my dog likes kittens and the tiniest puppies at the dog park. This has "Impending Doom" written all over it. Last night, we were out on a walk when a baby skunk skuttled out from behind some trash cans. This is a no brainer. Run away! Run Away!

And then, I kid you not, another baby skunk appeared on the sidewalk about 200 feet in front of us. One behind us, one ahead. So Bella is pulling on the leash in both directions, all: "The Cuteness! Lookit! Look at the Cuteness! The baby fuzzy thingies that look like cats! I love cats! Baby cats! Fred is a cat! Fred is my friend! Fred was a baby! Can we take the home and keep them? Puh-LEASE?!?!"

Oh, HELL, no. No. No baking soda, no peroxide, no tomato juice. Just no. So I did what they teach you in self-defense. When faced with two potential attackers on the sidewalk, walk in the middle of the road. Yes. In traffic. Wave your arms around and be very noticable so you don't get squashed. So we didn't get sprayed.



Anonymous said...

Send pictures of the baby skunks!! Aw... Maybe Bella needs a new kitten (landlord's will never know!) to keep her mind off of baby skunks! Aw, baby skunks!

Manda said...

Wait, I left the above comment, no Ms. A. Nonymous!

Manda said...

Typo!! Sorry.

Cindy W said...

I imagine the baby skunks probably *are* cute, but... yeah. Impending disaster, no doubt. Good luck with that.

And the guy who's already talking about your eHarmony ad? Scare me. Please update as soon as you meet this psycho in person. (Assuming you actually do, that is...)

kelly said...

Dear for your life. Bella getting sprayed will be one of the WORST moments of your life. Trust me. Ask your parents how much it sucked when Shana got sprayed. God, that was just awful. But, just in case, have a LOT of hydrogen peroxide and some laundry detergent on hand if it happens.