Saturday, August 20, 2005

This is (what is) happening.

Brad is still in the ICU, but his condition is stable. The fight continues, but for now, the expectation is that he will return to his life as he was living it, perhaps with additional assistance, before this particular medical crisis.

Clearly, we're at a new stage in this battle.

He has taught me so much- how to toss pennies out of a second story window into the neighbor's pool (when I was 8); how to fit a rosewood marimba into his van (roll it up the wheelchair ramp); how to be attractive to the male species at a football game (correctly identify and refer to the "line of scrimmage" on a fourth down); how to get the most out of my 401k (when I was 24)- but the greatest lesson of all is to never underestimate the power of sheer will. Long-distance coin-flicking skills aside, that alone may be his greatest lesson and his legacy.

And right now, I remain humble in the presence of a living legend.



lauren said...

Thoughts and prayers...

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Brad is out of the ICU, in a wing that serves as intermediate step between where he was and the general treatment area of the hospital. He's basically been upgraded to business class and will spend a few days in coach before landing back at home or in Lancaster for a little while. I got to talk to him for few minutes today. He sounds tired, but like himself.

He used the phrase, "I've returned to the land of the living." I used the phrase, "You scared the shit out of me."