Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Coming soon to a cathedral near you!

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Had super fun, girly sister bonding in Boston this past weekend! Actually, it was cut a little short by the Pope dying (which meant I was covering lots of prayer services, vigils, etc on Saturday), so I didn't get up there until Sunday.

Amanda and I both had hair trials, courtesy of Andrea's stupendous talent. :) We also practiced taking her veil on and off without moving her tiara/headband, and I practiced taking my camera (and neckstrap) on and off without moving my decorative... um, thingy.


Cindy W said...

Love-love-love your decorative thingy. I'm still debating on the veil-or-no-veil issue. I don't want one, but my mom keeps insisting that the dress will look "weird" without one. I'm leaning toward just having my hair put up with some baby's breath or something, but I'll probably end up making a final decision after my dress arrives.

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Hmm... Well, you know, not to push my friend Andrea on you, but she may have a good compromise for you. I recently shot her entire collection in detail on black velvet, which will eventually replace the photos she currently has on her website.

She also made a custom tiara for Kelly, who is wearing an all red wedding dress. Two of my girlfriends from college (who are getting married to each other on Cape Cod) are looking into working with her, too. They aren't veil-y girls, persay, but they want to do something special with their hair.

The headpieces are made of ceramic flowers, seashells- I haven't seen anything else like it. If you email me- gypsypeach@aol.com- I can attach photos or mail you a CD. I would sort of like your snail mail address anyway, so I can send you and Dave a congratulations card.

Cindy W said...

You've got mail.

And btw, you might want to edit your email address above before the spam-bots get you.