Monday, May 17, 2004

Oh my God, I'm lonely

I'm sitting in the office at 9:45 p.m. and somehow this day just got away from me.

Alissa's Rock Star Roommate Antje came out to the 'burbs so I could shoot a bunch of photos of her for the album she's about to release (and other promo materials.) We had a very ambitious shooting goals. Antje with my cat, Antje wearing a sombrero skipping in front of a wall of graffiti, Antje dressed as a fairy in the woods, in a field, by stream, on a bridge, Antje with Dame Edna Sunglasses and an orange peel in her mouth.

We shot all of that, and we had plans to shoot a lot of other stuff, too. BUT THEN- I lost four digital memory cards (monetary total approx. $400) containing all of those images. (They were all in a leather pouch thingy). She was so, so sweet to me about it- helping me look everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE- in the woods, in the field, by the stream, on the bridge, not to mention the car, camera bag, etc.

She's a lovely person- tried to make me feel better by telling me about cellos and guitars and various things she's either lost or were stolen. We re-shot everything and a lot of other stuff (Antje sliding headfirst down a slide while pretending to knit), but I wasted so much of her time.

I am so, so angry with myself. And with St. Anthony. :( I almost want to go back to mass and stop questioning patriarchy if it means petitioning St. Anthony would work for me again.

I'm quite proud of what I shot, though. Here are two of my favorites. Enjoy. (and then call me, I am so, so lonely :) <--- rueful smile)

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