Sunday, May 09, 2004

Birthday Message, for someone else

Happy birthday to the Person Who

-helped me with a darn good History Day project in 8th grade, only to decide after I (and the other girl in the group) left, that the title would really look better if it were glued, not stapled, onto a red background, so she re-did a big part of the display board on her own because she's THAT. COOL.

-Snorts uncontrollably when she laughs really hard.

-Learned to drive on a car with no vowels, a Honda C V C, that used to provide complimentary (and spontaneous) mulching services.

-Agreed to skip out of school lunch to go to McDonald's senior year, under the condition that if her mom was working the drive-thru, she would have to hide under a coat.

-Is so courageous that she not only faces her inner demons, but kicks their @sses Buffy-style.

-Makes friends wherever she goes.

-Loves dark-chocolate-covered strawberries.

-Has endless admiration for her younger sister, endless patience for her youngest one, and endless love for them both.

-Strongly believes that birthdays not only remain important as we get older, but that the "presents/cake-and-ice-cream/blowing out candles/making wishes" part is absolutely essential.

Happy Birthday, Mel!

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