Friday, January 02, 2004

Me: Well, I went into Circuit City to buy a tape adapter so I could listen to my Discman in the car, you know? Because the other one broke. Anyway, they didn't sell them without a CD player so I went to leave. And I saw these really cool CD wrapping cellophane things that come with the stuff to make a bow all attached. I only had one and it was $.79, and there was only one register open and the line was 25 people deep. So I asked the women who was next in line if I could please give her a dollar and have her purchase it for me, and she was really unhappy with me. And the lady behind her was really mad. So obviously this was a bad idea and I was really embarrassed and I tried to put the wrapping back so I could just leave really fast and I accidentally knocked the metal hook they were hanging on off and then I fumbled putting it back and I feel like such a bad person and I am so embarrassed.

Him: You give me so much good stuff to write into plays.

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