Friday, January 23, 2004

I have nothing interesting to say. It's amazing. I'm just sort of content and boring lately. My assignments have been fine, run of the mill. Knock on wood, I haven't lost, fallen off, broken, run over, dropped, dribbled on, or accidentally flushed something valuable down the toilet for like, a week and a half.

I did wear my shirt inside out all day today without realizing it, but that's about it.

Luke is staying with me again. He was living with friends and his girlfriend for a week or so, but now he's back. He's a Type B person in the extreme, and it's completely infectious. We almost let a frozen pizza burn tonight, because neither one of us could be bothered to get up and walk to the kitchen. Bear in mind, we were watching a re-run of "Dharma and Greg" at the time. Not terribly compelling.

Bless him, he DID wash the dishes and cleaned up cat puke, though.

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