Monday, December 29, 2003

What IS it about weddings that turns people into a Total Freak Show, I ask you? (Note to my Engaged Sister: You are NOT a Freak Show. You are NOT who I am talking about. Seriously.) WHY, though? It's like, weddings and funerals seem to bring out the very worse and very best in people.

I know it's because the emotions are all running high, and I know that as a member of various teams of stressed-out Hired Wedding Staffers, I have more exposure than most people to the Wedding Personality Quirk Factor.

And I fully admit that I say this as the person who cried in HEFK's hot tub after her Fabulous Female Fiesta because I was overwhelmed by the emotions involved in it all. Well, that, and I accidentally gave her a baby shower card, which may have kinda sorta made it seem like she was pregnant in front of all her then husband-to-be's mother's friends, many of whom she was meeting for the first time. I swear I thought it was a bluebird of happiness carrying a white wedding bow on that card. I swear. But I digress...

But still, people.... Freak Show. I have to find a sincere way to answer an email now. FREAK. SHOW.

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