Monday, December 08, 2003

Ow, ow, the cuteness. I have to lie down.

I got a Christmas tree today. A real live one, that I am going to decorate just the way i want it, and oh- It's up right now, with a strand of white lights, and I put it in the window, the one that it's in the center of the top peak of the house, because I think it will make people happy when they see it. All the main lights in the room are off, just the tree is on, and -

Fred was just curled up in a tight, round ball right underneath the outer branches, and Bella was sleeping with her head on him, like he was a pillow. Of course, when I went to get my camera, they moved a little. They were laying side by side,and it's sort of hard to photograph because there is so little light. Using flash doesn't capture the mood, but anyway... I had a total attack of the cuties.

I just really, really hope they don't turn into Killer Kat and Destructo Dog when I put the ornaments on tomorrow.

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